Friday, 21 August 2009

Dissertation/biomed project

Help me plan it guys. I know im only going into 2nd year but want to start this early. Im applying for graduate entry medicine so need a really good mark ha there’s for wishful thinking.

My interest in medicine is prehospital care and the role of a doctor in this tho I doubt I can make a biomed project relevant to this.

Any suggestions please I don’t want to end up doing it on some little gene or something stuck in a molecular bio lab i.e my least favourite module. Hence the early planning.


Oh yeah im doing this at stupid oclock as my mam has the heating on that high everyone else in the house is frying so awake while she sleeps like a baby. Wish i could make you guys a fly on the wall it would make ideal reality TV


Gillian said...

How about something involving the use of haemocues by ambulance staff? Im sure you could get something from that, maybe some kind of comparative analysis of different types of machine? Does it have to be an experimental project? Are you going to be doing a years placement as part of your course? I dont know, but you have plenty of time to plan it. :)

brokenangel said...

Thanks gillian no it can be library based. I wont be doing the placement year as want to move onto GEM as soon as possible.