Thursday, 20 August 2009

Long update

Sorry for the delay in an update but im ill with shingles lol it sucks. Right where to start.

St Johns

Second meeting went well how can I put this incredibly bad. Managed to fumble my way through CPR and went as red as a tomato, god what must they think of me embarrassing with a capital E.


Slowly getting to black belt standard just over 3 months to go and starting to luck forward to it hopefully ill be buying one of these soon.


Also on my taekwondo shopping list

-Shin guards the class I go to is being taken over by woman and I feel like im not in proper kit without them. Being the highest grade female i feel like i should set an example. Tho I’d rather be more male and do without

-Boxing gloves same as above tho I did stop wearing the club ones half way through the lesson like the lads.

On another note what is it with white belts arghh I told the new starter to stop punching before the command seems reasonable as thats what is expected of the senior grades aswell. So what did she do punch so soft trying to make me look soft. I was so tempted to go full force on her in sparring to make a point but managed not to. Thankfully my instructor realised what was going on and didn’t look down on me for it.


Still haven’t heard back from the accommodation office so don’t know if ill be living in halls or at home next year. Hope to god it halls I love my mam to bits, but she starting to drive me nuts now. She just so tidy and organised it ridiculous, im sure she has OCD. If not I may start looking for a house share.


Went to my stepgrans hospital appointment with her I might aswell walk around with Gradmed applicant on my forehead, she told everyone we meet bless her. Tho I did managed to get some shadowing organised out of it. Yey!!!!!

That’s all for now back to volunteering next week when my scabs have healed.

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