Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Possible broken neck and very sore back – ouch

Today has not been my day to start the day I got stuck in the 9am rush hour on the A1 near Gateshead. For the non northern who might read this the A1 is down from 2 lanes north bound and 2 lanes south with a fixed central reservation to 2 lanes north and 1 lane south both on the north bound carriage way the speed limit is 40mph. So after an hour and half sat in that I got to Newcastle and dropped my car in to be fixed. Now my parents are on holiday so its only me and the brothers in the house hence I had asked my mate to follow me through and take me home.

So after coughing up £500 ouch it was home time we decided to avoid the A1 going back and instead dropped down some back country roads no prize to anyone that guess what happens next.

Que horse running across the road from some field my mate broke heavily next thing I know there a sharp jolt from the back and were spinning into a field (SCARY AS FUCK), eventually we come to rest trapped in the car a good 200m from the road in the middle of no where.

Now the medics on here might think im a bit of a drama queen but by god did my neck and back hurt now being a sensible person we had hit a few object and were locked in the car I decided it might be a good idea not to move and just wait. My mate was screaming her head off so I tried to keep her carm while we waited for help to arrive not very successfully I might add.

Anyway after what seemed like hours at the time an ambulance and the police arrive it only when the paramedic start talking to me I realise

My chest hurts and breathing kills like hell

My neck is really sore

The base of my back and pelvis feels like its done twenty round with Mick Tyson – that’s saying something coming from a fighter.

I think I sore the colour physically drain out of the poor paramedics face. What happened next is a little bit blurry, all I can really remember at this time is the guy placing a collar round my neck and a mask on my face (Medics this could have been pain killing gas or O2 I really don’t know any guess would be nice as im just one of these people that likes to remember everything that happened).

A big thanks go to the fire crew which manage to get us out of the car quickly
We were both transported by road to the local hospital after a barrage scans, Xrays and countless other test it was determined that luckily I hadn’t broken anything major was just rather bruised and have 2 fractured ribs which coupled with my asthma is why breathing hurts.

Ive been let home with a combination of painkillers antibiotics and inhalers. Now I hurt like hell and really wish my neck was still being kept still as moving it in the slightest really hurts. But well live my mate has a few bruises and a fractured wrist she also was allowed home earlier.

Now this isn’t the 1st time ive been immobilised in the last few years last time was after I came off a horse and landed on my head that time I was collard and boarded now this was a rather painful experience. This time I was removed in an inflatable body splint which was a lot less painful that the previous time eventho the bruising this time seems to be a lot worse. Id be interested to here medics views on this and why it isn’t used all the time.

Finally id like to say a big thank you to all the paramedics, police, fire crews nurse doctor etc that helped us to day and kept us both carm a time when we really needed it.

I really need to stop getting hurt ive been in an ambulance 4 time as patient and im only 18

Asthma attack
Horse Accident
Car accident
Taekwondo accident


Sam said...

All this and swine flu?!
Your not having much luck are you?! Get well soon!

brokenangel said...

Thanks your right im not lol!! Oh well it could have been worse and for the record being locked in the house is the worest part of swine flu.

Caitlin said...

oh holy moly...thats alot in one go! It's almost like you're trying to get your neck broken?! I'm glad you didn't though and I feel a little gutted for your friend, she's prob gonna be terrified about going on the roads again!

brokenangel said...

Haha no i dont want that thanks...she had to put up with my driving today lol. I was taught by a police driving instructor and have my advanced driving so cant help looking ahead. Caming up to an empty roundabout so i didnt break omg did she scream poor lass it going to be months before she drives again.