Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bloody chavs

My dad’s a cop and last night went out to a chav house unfortuanly he brought back a few little visitors, more commonly known as flees on his uniform. Needles to say im not happy about being bitten to hell and mams even less happy about having to have the games room fumigated from now on he will be getting changed at work!

Been stationary shopping today, so that one section on my list crossed off just a few more to go. Also picked up a 1st aid manual so going to have a little preread for tomorrow.


EDIT: They arent bites on my side its bloody shingles. I was ment to be starting my job as a HCA on tuesday bollocks. Apparently ive most likely got it as a result of swine flu or the shock of the accident. Not happy ive just got back to my normal self and now im stuck in the house again well they say bad things run in threes.

I once again dont feel ill with a contagous infection but it means i cant leave the house again arghhhh. I was going to the metro tomorrow, if it wasnt for the fact that im not selfish and know what it can do to immunecompromised people i would go anyway.

Going to ring the St Johns people and ask if they are happy for me to come down if i put a dressing on the rash. Ill be goint to taekwondo training anyway, my instructor already warned me its not a reason not to train with the comp coming up so atleast i wont be to bored.


Anonymous said...

Goodness me thats bad look!
At least if it's from swine flu you immunised from that now...

brokenangel said...

haha yeah ive had swine flu, thankfully i dont feel to bad. Read that as in pain feel like shit but not letting the brother know for fear of being ridiculed.