Monday, 17 August 2009

Becoming a veggy

Today is the day ive done what ive wanted to do for a long while now im no longer going to eat meat ever! Ive been watching Fast food junkies on 4OD watching the yak being slaughtered was the final straw enough is enough, every time I look at meat now all I can see is the little chicken running around or the cow smiling back at me.



Lee said...

I swear those programs are a conspiracy! Bloody vegetarians. I watch these programs and although i do have a soul, you just can't beat a weel cooked piece of meat :D

brokenangel said...

Haha doesnt help that i thought about being a vet then thought nah I cant hurt animal hmmm.

i agree they are a conspiracy but to hell with it, it kicked my arse into gear. Atleast you never see a fat veggie

Gillian said...

Be careful around those bacon butties - they will tempt you back!

I've been a kinda veggie since i was about 13. (I say kinda cos i cant resist the bacon butties!) I'm not a veggie cos of the ethical dilemma of seeing animals slaughtered, i just never liked the texture of meat in my mouth.

other than that - good on you!

Sam said...

Good for you!
Although I couldn't do it, I'd miss my bacon butties to much just like Gillian.
I have a friend who's a veggie. Whenever she is in a bad mood or falls out with her boyfriend instead of having a drink she has a pepperoni pizza!

brokenangel said...

Haha i only eat bacon and chicken anyway so wont be that hard for me. Sam im a typical girl so it not drink or pizza its bars of glaxay chocolate tho the pizza does sound tempting.