Sunday, 23 August 2009

Why I hate summer - plan for the week.

Being away from uni means a lot of my friends are up and down the country making for a boring summer oh well their back in the next few weeks. For a lot of student the summer is a chance to catch up with old friends however it rather boring for me due to my ex stealing a lot of our shared friends oh well. It not that I don’t have friends at home rather they don’t do the traditional going out on a night etc. below is my plan for the next week,

Monday – St Johns
Tuesday – Taekwondo
Wednessday – Taekwondo
Thursday – Free day no doubt wont turn into that as my mam will be out of hospital after her foot operation.
Friday – Hospital with the step gran then taekwondo on the night
Saturday – Pattern training, parents shift BBQ on the night
Sunday –Senior grade training

I really fancy going out and getting to know some lads again now miss having a boyfriend.

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